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    nano_20028 غير متواجد حاليا مشرفة سابقة
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Mar 2009
    I Don't Need 'Em Lyrics50 Cent [Intro]YeahIt is what it is manUh huh [Verse 1]Sirens flashin', you know the routine, the crime scene taped offIt started out a robbery, they blew half his face offThey seen him shinin', course full of diamonds he boughtGrindin', his foot slipped off the ladder of success he was climbin'The D's came through, asked the niggas if they knew what happenedSomehow my name end up in anything that involves clappin'Detectives at my mama crib, they say they wanna question meThey put me in a line up last time and they arrested meWhen it come to cookin' coke, they know I got the recipeI turn a quarter to a half, thats why they mess with meI'm the neighborhood pusher, I move packs to make stacksA little weed, a little X, a little H, a little crackFigure, I push it to the limit, take this sh.t to the maxNavy blue vest on, navy blue Yankee hatCalm, in my palm, fully loaded fire armFirst to let off, last to run, everytime its on [Chorus]I tell niggas to su.. my ..Get the .. out my faceCause I don't need 'emCause they're never aroundWhen I'm downShot and I'm bleedin' [50 Cent]What, niggas yeahIs there a mothaf..' problem niggaOh yeahThat's what I thought so, .. [Verse 2]niggas be talkin' about me, they always callin' me crazyF.. them O.G. niggas, they stuck in the eightiesSayin' they gonna do me somethin', now you know thats a lienigga you look at me wrong, I'll let that hammer flyI'm rich, I still wake up with crime on my mindQueens nigga put it down like Pappy Mason in his primeWhen I say move, nigga move or get caught in the cross fireUp a fence runnin, cut my f..' hand on a barb wireSh.ts crazy, just a different day, its the same sh.tHollow tip part in ya head, leave ya whole f..' brain splitThey sit, they see me in the Ashton MartinWhat's the matter, they can't get that Hoopty startedThought they was grindin', well godamn where that money atThought you was f..d, cause you was lettin' paper stackYou ain't a hustler, matter of fact, you's a bustaI don't trust ya, I shoulda sent niggas to touch ya [Chorus]I tell niggas to s.. my ..Get the .. out my faceCause I don't need 'emCause they're never aroundWhen I'm downShot and I'm bleedin' [Outro]What?Who said they gonna do somethin' to meYou must be out your rabbid as.. mind

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    جداويه غير متواجد حاليا مشرفة سابقة
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Jan 2009
    مشكوور والله يعطيك الف عافيه

    العمر ذا .. فاني ولا شڪ ؛تدروטּ
    لابد اصير بيوم .. [ذڪرى قديمه]
    تكفووووטּ .. لامن غبت يا اخوان تدعوטּ !
    [ ياااااارب ترزقني الج ناטּ العظيمه]~

  3. لست منهم ... ولكني ((احبك))
  4. .............
  5. من خان لجلك يخونك
  6. حلى شكله يدوخ شوفو ماراح تندمو اممم.........
  7. تضحك ونا لجلك اموت

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    نهاد1221 غير متواجد حاليا عضو مجتهد
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Feb 2009
    شو هالصوره ياجداويه ......

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    عنيت بصمت غير متواجد حاليا عضو مجتهد
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Mar 2009
    يعطيك العافية خيتو على موضوعك الرائع

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    تاريخ التسجيل
    Mar 2009
    شف قلبي وين ساكن

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